Drawing pictures and hacking away
somewhere around Amsterdam.

Why hello there, my name is Jarryd Wafer. I am a creative professional passionate about technology and human computer interactions. I am always dreaming of ways to make people's lives better through technology. If you have some ideas, I would love to talk!

As a designer, as well as a human being, my core competency is problem solving. I believe that everything else that you need to know can be learned. This website is a place for me to share solutions to real world problems in an effort to collectively progress our understanding of our shared interests, where technology and our lives collide.

Recent case studies and case articles:


My name is Jarryd and I currently live in Amsterdam where I work as a UX Designer for Booking.com. My team focuses on 'New Product Development' in the travel industry.

Have something that you would like to talk about? Would love to connect, just drop me a line. I am currently available to discuss potential partnerships, speaking engagements, and teaching opportunities.

Jarryd Wafer