Design Philosophy

We are all operating systems. And we are all capable of an infinite amount of configurations. We get to choose how we upgrade our personal OS by deciding what we learn, how we will use that knowledge, and how we communicate to others what we have come to understand. I am a UX/UI Designer, who loves to design & code, with aspirations to take great projects from conception to production.

When presented with a problem, I am driven to research, design, develop, and then dive into the data to find great user-centric solutions. My education stems from a Graphic Design BFA at the University of Notre Dame. My focus is understanding how people interact with designs and interfaces to come up with user focused solutions to make them better. And my intellectual passion aligns with the quickly evolving landscape of website development and front-end technologies.

For me, design is a process. And it should always be an insightful, user-centric process. Great designers have a way of approaching problems from many different perspectives to understand users and come up with multifaceted, user focused solutions.

And great design does not exist in isolation; it is a reflection of the larger society. As society changes, so should design. The best designers iterate their designs to keep pace with society’s demands.

UX designers have trained their operating systems to research, brainstorm, design, prototype, user-test, build, test, observe and iterate. And it can be a complicated series of events. To do that most efficiently, you have to stay up with new trends, tools, methodologies, and technologies.

This is why I love the dynamic landscape of the web. I am captivated with the creative ways in which designers and developers are shaping our digital future. It is inspiring and will be one of our most powerful instruments of change to build a better world for each other.

And which businesses value design thinking the most? Tech. Where people like you and I meet to shape our future together.

My name is Jarryd Wafer and I am a UX designer, an artist, and a problem solver bursting at the seams with creative solutions. Lets connect and make our operating systems instruments of change.


My name is Jarryd and I live in Santa Barbara, CA where I work as a UX Design Consultant and freelance Web Developer. I am currently available for projects and open to full-time work opportunities, speaking engagements, and teaching opportunities.

Have something that you would like to talk about? Get in touch. Let’s build something great together!

Jarryd Wafer